How to Get Free Passes in Episode

Passes in Episode are essential for unlocking new chapters and progressing through stories. While you can purchase Passes, there are several ways to obtain them for free. Here are some effective methods to get free Passes in Episode:

1. Refillable Free Passes

All Episode users will receive between 2 to 4 refillable Free Passes every four hours. This is a consistent way to accumulate Passes without spending any money.

Simply check back every few hours to claim your Free Passes and keep enjoying your stories.

2. Completing Timed Challenges

Reward Passes can be earned by completing timed challenges. These challenges are not permanent and will disappear after a certain period, so it’s crucial to act quickly when you see one.

Make sure to complete these challenges to receive the rewards before they expire.

3. Purchased Passes

For those who want more Passes immediately, there is an option to buy extra Passes from the in-app shop. To purchase Passes, tap the shop icon in the upper right corner of the main menu in the app.

This is a convenient way to get more Passes if you’re willing to spend some money.

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Earning free Passes in Episode is straightforward with the refillable Free Passes system and by completing timed challenges.

Additionally, you can always opt to purchase extra Passes if needed.

Keep an eye on the app for any new challenges and regularly claim your Free Passes to maximize your reading experience without breaking the bank.