Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List for Beginners

Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox game based on the popular anime One Piece. As players progress through the game, they will unlock new fruits that can be used to enhance their strength.

This Fruit Battlegrounds tier list will help players choose the best fruits in the current meta and rank each fruit from the least viable to the best.

Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

S-Tier Fruits

  • Nika (Mythical): Grants the user the traits and abilities of the Sun God Nika.
  • Leopard (Mythical): Transforms a user into a leopard to fight with claws and jaws.
  • Ope (Mythical): Users can create a “Room” and control everything inside.
  • Dough (Mythical): Allows the user to become and manipulate dough.
  • Venom (Mythical): Grants the ability to emit and control venom.
  • Lightning (Mythical): User can create, control and transform into lightning.
  • Magnet (Legendary): Enables the user to control and manipulate metals with ease.
  • TSRubber (Legendary): Stronger version of the Rubber fruit (Post Timeskip).
  • Dragon (Legendary): Enables dragon-like qualities.
  • Paw (Epic): Ability to repel anything touched.

A-Tier Fruits

  • Magma (Epic): Allows the user to control magma at their will.
  • Phoenix (Legendary): Become a human phoenix.
  • Ice (Rare): Grants the power to create, control and transform ice.
  • String (Epic): Allows user to control strings with their fingers.
  • Quake (Legendary): Become op like whitebeard.
  • Gravity (Legendary): Controls gravity.
  • DragonV2 (Mythical): Unleash your inner dragon abilities.
  • Flame (Epic): Grants the ability to create, control, and transform fire.

B-Tier Fruits

  • Bomb (Rare): Allows the player to explode anything they touch.
  • Chop (Common): Allows players to split into pieces and control them.
  • Barrier (Common): Generates defensive and offensive barriers.
  • Darkness (Rare): Controls darkness.
  • Sand (Common): Grants the player the ability to manipulate sand.
  • Light (Epic): Turns the user into a light human like kizaru.
  • Gas (Uncommon): Allows the user to become and control gas.

C-Tier Fruits

  • Rubber (Uncommon): Grants the user rubber properties, turning them into a rubber human.
  • Falcon (Uncommon): Allows user to transform into falcon
  • Smoke (Uncommon): Users can generate, manipulate, and turn their body into smoke.


What Fruit is Gear 5 in Fruit Battlegrounds?

Nika is a Mythical fruit that grants the user the title of “Joy Boy” upon activating Gear 5. It is an upgraded version of the TSRubber fruit and can be obtained by spinning or meeting the requirements with Time Skip Rubber.

What is The Best Fruit for Marco in Fruit Battlegrounds?

Marco is one of two bosses in the game, along with Kaido. He uses the Phoenix Fruit.

Which is Better Light or Flame Fruit Battlegrounds?

To move quickly, defeat bosses, or escape attackers, use the light element. However, for farming and dealing damage, the flame is better. Note that the light flight speed is dependent on your health.

Top 10 Best Fruits In Fruit Battlegrounds

  1. Nika
  2. Leopard
  3. Ope
  4. Dough
  5. Venom
  6. Lightning
  7. Magnet
  8. TSRubber
  9. Dragon
  10. Paw

Disclaimer: This is not an official top 10 best style fruits for Fruit Battlegrounds. The list is prepared based on analysis and game experience.

This concludes our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. We hope that this list will help you decide which fruits to use in the game according to your playstyle.

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