How to Get Free Cards in Coin Master?

Two main sources to collect cards in the Coin Master game are game chests and trading cards with friends. In this post, you will get a list of ways to get cards in the Coin Master game.

Following are different ways to get cards from the Coin Master game.

  • Won chests in Events, found in Raid or purchase with coins.
  • Complete village and win chest with cards.
  • Get card chest from Reward Calendar.
  • Send and Collect cards from friends by Coin Master cards gifts option.
  • Request cards and get cards from teammates in the Coin Master Team.
  • Trade your duplicate cards in “Cards for Chests” for new chests.
  • Join Facebook card trading groups to trade cards.

Above are free ways to get cards in the Coin Master game. And, as a Coin Master game user, you will collect cards from above ways.

Coin Master Cards