How to Trade Duplicate Cards for Chests in Coin Master?

You will get different cards in the game while you play the Coin Master game. And, many times you get the same cards, which increases duplicate cards in game.


What to do with these duplicate cards? because these duplicate cards are not used to complete card sets.

Here, in this post you will get information about duplicate card trading using the Cards for Chests option in the Coin Master game.

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What to do with duplicate cards in Coin Master?

Duplicate cards in the Coin Master game are extra cards and not used for complete card sets.


You can trade these duplicate cards in game and get free Chests. These Chests give you coins, spins, XPs and cards.

What is a Cards for Chests feature in Coin Master?

Cards for Chests feature in Coin Master allows you to select your duplicate cards and trade them for free Chests.

This feature helps to trade unused duplicate cards and get free spins, coins and other rewards.

Trade Duplicate Cards for Chests in Coin Master
Trade Duplicate Cards for Chests in Coin Master

How to check chest items before trade cards for chests?

To check chests items before trade cards, tap on the “i” icon – which is available top left corner of chest.

When you tap this chest information icon (“i”), the Coin Master game shows items which you will get in particular chest.

How to trade cards for chests in Coin Master?

Duplicate card trade process is simple from the Cards for Chests feature.

  1. Go to the Coin Master card collection screen.
  2. Next, open Cards for Chests from the top left corner “Info” section.
  3. Tap on the green button near the available chest.
  4. Next, select cards manually or use the “Select cards for me” option to trade cards.
  5. Tap the “TRADE” button to trade and get the chest.

Here, Select cards for me option automatically selects duplicate cards for trade.

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Hope, you find the given information helpful.