What is Coming Soon Tab in Pet Master Game Navigation?

In Pet Master game bottom navigation, you will find 5 tabs for different game features. And, when you open the last tab in navigation, it displays “COMING SOON!”.

Here, many Pet Master game users are curious about this coming soon tab. What is this coming soon feature?

Let’s check out more details about this tab,

What is the Coming Soon Tab in Pet Master Game?

Coming Soon tab in Pet Master given last in bottom navigation. Currently nothing available in this tab screen, except the coming soon message.

This tab is available from beginning and once a related feature is released in game,  then this tab coming soon message will be replaced with feature.

What will be the new Coming Soon feature in Pet Master?

Currently, from the Coming Soon tab content, you can not determine what will be the new feature.


If you compare the Pet Master coming soon tab icon and Coin Master Teams icon, then both look the same.

So, based on the Pet Master “coming soon” tab icon, it can be determined that the Pet Master game’s coming soon feature will be Pet Master Teams.

When will the Pet Master Coming Soon feature be available?

Well for Pet Master coming soon feature availability may need to wait more, because, this coming soon tab exists in game from beginning and no update available yet.


There is no news about this new feature yet. Here, all users can only hope that this feature will be available soon.