How to Get Gems in Eatventure? (Ways Explained)

In Eatventure, Gems are second currency, which are used for Vault, Boxes and Boosts. Gems are harder to get than Cash. But, there are some ways, which gives you Gems in Eatventure.

How to get Gems in Eatventure?

You can get free gems in Eatventure by leveling up machines, playing events, working on other players’ restaurants, investor offers and redeem codes.

Let’s check each way in detail,

1. Level up machines

In the game, you will get stars/gems on reaching machine milestone levels. Milestone levels are – level 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and 250.

Here, you get 1 Gem for every star on a machine. So, level up your machine to get gems.

2. Event

You can get free rewards and gems by playing events and completing milestones. Following is the milestone and given gems list.

  • 5 Gems for Milestone 1
  • 10 Gems for Milestone 2
  • 15 Gems for Milestone 4
  • 20 Gems for Milestone 7
  • 30 Gems for Milestone 8
  • 50 Gems for Milestone 10
  • 100 Gems for Milestone 12

3. Other player restaurant work

During offline time, other online players can invite you for 5 minutes to work using your equipment bonuses at their restaurant. In return you get a gem from the person who invites you.

4. Investor offer

In the Vault, you can purchase a Pickaxe card, that makes the chance for the Investor to offer you gems instead of the regular cash offer.

5. Redeem codes

Eatventure redeem codes are game freebies, which are released by game developers. You can redeem these codes from Settings -> Redeem Code option and collect free gems and coins.

That’s it,

There is one more option to get gems in Eatventure, which is to buy gems with real money. But, as it is a paid option, it is not listed in the above free gems options list.

Hope you find given Eatventure free gems ways helpful to get more gems in game.

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