Waven Heroes Tier List (Characters, Classes, Tiers)

This tier list ranks the best heroes in Waven, a turn-based RPG game. The list is divided into tiers, with SS tier being the best and D tier being the worst. Each hero is listed along with their class.

Waven heroes tier list

The following are lists of Waven character heroes, ranked different tiers:

1. Waven SS tier heroes

  • Flamboyante Kasaï (Iop)
  • Brutal Fairblade (Iop)
  • Voracius Blade (Eniripsa)
  • Gantares Des Cendres

2. Waven S tier heroes

  • Tamashi Amber (Eniripsa)
  • Scalpel De Lapostruker
  • Lame Ourai
  • Glaive Stalaktoss (Iop)
  • Scalpel Apostruker (Eniripsa)
  • Bouvaloir Orok (Iop)

3. Waven A tier heroes

  • Ambre Tamashi
  • Shaden Shiru (Cra)
  • Blunderbust (Cra)
  • Ken Kartana (Sram)
  • Jikan Sandiaton (Xelor)

4. Waven B tier heroes

  • Kokoro Brush (Eniripsa)
  • Spectral Armabladegeddon (lop)
  • Pikuxala Hand (Xelor)
  • Tako Synchronizater (Xelor)
  • Pramium Catalyst (Xelor)
  • Gurpapa Regulator (Xelor)

5. Waven C tier heroes

  • Dephasing Gem (Eniripsa)
  • Piven Bow (Cra)
  • Orishi Shears (Sram)
  • Buneblade (Cra)
  • Surokan Shiv (Sram)
  • Shugen Flayer (Sram)

6. Waven D tier heroes

  • Amurai Blade (Sram)
  • Zandiezer Zo (Cra)
  • Aiguille Pikuxala

More about Waven characters tier list

In the Waven tier list, the best characters are in SS and S tier. A-tier characters are good, but may require a specialized playstyle.

B-tier characters are competent but flawed, and can still hold their own in a fight. C and D-tier characters are weak and should only be used if necessary.

Waven is not a gacha game, which means that players do not need to worry about rerolling. Instead, players can unlock new characters as they progress through the game.

At last,

Please note that this is a general tier list and the Waven best hero characters for you may vary depending on your playstyle and game playing strategy.