How to Get Free Gems and Passes on Episode? (List of Ways)

This guide provides a list of ways to obtain free gems and passes in the Episode – Choose Your Story game.

In the game, the primary method to acquire gems or passes is to purchase them. However, there are also free ways to obtain them.

Here are some of the free ways to get gems and passes in Episode:

How to get free Gems on Episode?

1. Earn Gems banner

The story with ‘Earn Gems’ banner will reward 1 gem completing the chapter.

2. Survey Gems

In game, Gems can be earned by completing limited-time surveys in the app. To get gems, complete surveys before they expire.

3. Gem Shard Challenges

There are new limited-time Gem Shard challenges that give you Gem rewards when you finish them.

How to get free Passes on Episode?

1. Refillable free passes

In the Episode game, every four hours, you will get between 2 to 4 refillable free passes.

2. Reward passes

In game, you can earn reward passes by completing timed challenges. These challenges are for a limited time, so, complete them to get rewards before it is unavailable.

That’s all about the guide to get free Gems and Passes on Episode – Choose Your Story game.