What Are Best Sensitivity Settings for Apex Legends Mobile?

  • Sensitivity settings for Apex Legends Mobile are mostly user and device specific.
  • Sensitivity settings can also vary based on devices and its configurations.
  • Apex Legends Mobile sensitivity settings table for low, mid and high config mobiles.

Let’s check out all highlighted points in detail.

Best practices for Sensitivity Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

SettingsLow-End DeviceMid-Range DeviceHigh-End Device
FPP without ADSAiming 200%, Shooting 80%Aiming 150%, Shooting 60%Aiming 130%, Shooting 40%
TPP without ADSAiming 200%, Shooting 80%Aiming 150%, Shooting 60%Aiming 130%, Shooting 40%
Iron Sights 1x Optic ADSAiming 50%, Shooting 50%Aiming 45%, Shooting 45%Aiming 40%, Shooting 40%
2x Optic ADSAiming 40%, Shooting 40%Aiming 35%, Shooting 35%Aiming 32%, Shooting 32%
3x Optic ADSAiming 35%, Shooting 35%Aiming 30%, Shooting 30%Aiming 28%, Shooting 28%
4x Optic ADSAiming 25%, Shooting 25%Aiming 20%, Shooting 20%Aiming 22%, Shooting 22%
6x Optic ADSAiming 20%, Shooting 20%Aiming 15%, Shooting 15%Aiming 12%, Shooting 12%
8x Optic ADSAiming 15%, Shooting 15%Aiming 10%, Shooting 10%Aiming 9%, Shooting 9%

Linked Sensitivity Adjustment is Off for all devices.

Note: user specific best sensitivity settings can be determined after more practice and changes. Here, given settings provide you basic setting setup and after playing the game and making required settings changes, you will be able to get perfect settings for your game.

Sensitivity settings importance

Balanced and device configuration specific Sensitivity settings help to get good command over game controls. As a result players are able to get better headshot and actions in game.

How to change Sensitivity Settings in Apex Legends Mobile?

To change Sensitivity settings, open the ‘Settings’ panel from the lobby and select ‘Sensitivity’ option from the sidebar menu. Now, from here – you can change or reset Apex Legends Mobile sensitivity settings.

How to test Sensitivity Settings after change?

After changing settings, you can test your setting change result by using the Free Practice feature.

This Free Practice mode option is available under the ‘Ranked Match’ option in the lobby. To test your sensitivity settings change, choose ‘Firing Range’ and tap Confirm. Next, play and test your settings.

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