My Cafe Free Diamonds – Ways to Get Diamonds in My Cafe Game

Diamonds are rare in-game currency. You can get them by in-game activities or by purchasing it for real money. This post includes ways to get My Cafe free Diamonds in game.

How to get free Diamonds in My Cafe?

1. Daily bonus

Daily bonus play gives you a chance to win free diamonds. And, go for gifts only, if you have a minimum of 7 tickets.

2. Invite friends

Using invite friends and successful friends joining (maximum 3), you get free diamonds. Here, you can earn up to 1500 diamonds (3 times 500) for recommending the My Cafe game.

3. Gifts

Gifts are also one option to find free diamonds. Different gift boxes contain different amounts of diamonds.

4. Watch ads

In the game, you can earn 10 diamonds by watching ads.

5. Achievements

Collect achievements to earn free diamonds.

6. Lend to Koffsky

In game, lend 250 and 500 diamonds to Koffsky and he will give you 300 and 600 diamonds back, respectively. Here, you get an extra 150 diamonds.

7. Customer orders

By performing and completing customers orders or tasks, you can get diamonds and gifts as a reward.

8. Season

Seasons generate diamonds daily during the season. Season usually lasts about 3 weeks and you get 1 to 3 diamonds per day.

9. Festival task and rewards

Complete festival tasks. Here, 8 free simple tasks give you approx. 30 diamonds. You can also get free prizes after the festivals.

10. Level stories

Complete level stories for your characters. Also, talk to them during special occasions to get diamonds and spices from them.

11. Social page contests

You can take part in My Cafe game Facebook page contests, to get a chance to win diamonds and more amazing rewards.

More on this, you can also play Bunny game and Barista Challenge to get free diamonds in game.

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That’s it,

Hope you find ways helpful to get free Diamonds in My Cafe game.