Monsters in Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds is coming in 2025, and it promises an exciting world full of unique monsters. Let’s take a look at some of the new creatures you’ll encounter in the game.

A Living World of Monsters

In Monster Hunter Wilds, monsters live and interact in a natural way. They move in groups, fight each other, and adapt to their surroundings. This makes the game world feel alive and always changing.

Monster Hunter Wilds Monsters

Doshaguma (Fanged Beast)

Doshaguma is a strong and tough monster. It is very territorial and can be very aggressive. You can find Doshaguma in large packs. Be ready for a tough fight when you meet one.

Chatacabra (Amphibian)

Chatacabra uses sticky saliva to attach ore and other materials to its forelegs. This makes it stronger. Watch how it uses this unique ability to become more powerful.

Ceratonoth (Herbivore)

Male Ceratonoth have big horns on their backs. They use these horns to protect their group from lightning. They stay in large herds with the males in the center. Their way of handling lightning is really interesting.

Dalthydon (Herbivore)

Dalthydon changes where it lives depending on the season. When it feels danger, it uses its strong head shell to defend itself. This makes Dalthydon a very adaptable monster.


Seikret is a small but fast monster that you can ride. It has a strong sense of smell and can take you to places on your map. While riding a Seikret, you can use items, heal yourself, and gather materials. You can also switch to a different weapon without going back to base.


Monster Hunter Wilds will be full of exciting new monsters to discover. Each one has its own unique behaviors and abilities, making the game world feel alive and dynamic. Get ready for an adventure like no other when the game releases in 2025. Stay tuned for more updates and details.

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