How to Redeem Call of Duty Code? (3 Steps)

  • You can redeem Call of Duty code from the redemption center page.
  • Profile UID, redeem code and updated app needs to redeem code.

Let’s check the answers in simple steps.

Steps to redeem Call of Duty code

Following are simple 3 steps to redeem Call of Duty code and get freebies to your game account.

1. Open Call of Duty redemption center page

Call of Duty code redeem from the game’s redemption center page.

Here is link for Call of Duty redemption center.

2. Enter UID, Redeem code and Verification code

On the redemption center page, you need to fill code redemption form with your game UID, Redeem code and Verification code.

UID: You can find your Call of Duty UID from the ‘PLAYER PROFILE’ screen. Player’s UID available at bottom left corner in player profile screen.

Redeem code: In this field, you need to paste or enter your redeem code.

Verification: This is four digit numeric captcha, which you need to enter as per given image.

3. Submit form and check in-game mailbox

In the third step, check all redeem code form detail and click ‘SUBMIT’ button.

Next, check out your in-game mailbox to find the freebies which you get from code redeem.

Things to know about Call of Duty redeem code

  • Redeem code mostly on a daily basis.
  • Code can give players free operators, weapon blueprints, calling cards and more.
  • You can not use code multiple times for the same profile.
  • Check instructions on the redemption center page. (e.g., Update Required to Redeem)

That’s it.

Hope you find this Call of Duty code redemption guide helpful.