How to get stars in Coin Master?

Coin Master game users can collect stars throughout the game. Stars helps to manage users’ rank on the leaderboard. The more stars in your game profile, the higher rank on the leaderboard.

Users can earn stars in the Coin Master game by following ways.

  1. Building village items: Users will get one star for every village item upgrade.
  2. Complete village: When users complete village level in Coin Master game, they will get stars.
  3. Collecting new cards: All cards have stars on top of them, and that number of stars users will get when they collect any card. Here, users will not get stars from duplicate cards.
  4. Earn or collect Emotes: Every new Emote you earn and collect grants you stars. Grant stars on new Emote earn depends on Emote rarity.

Above are 3 ways to earn stars in the Coin Master game.