How to Find Roblox User ID? (What is my Roblox ID)

  • You can find Roblox user ID number from your profile URL.
  • Roblox User ID can only be accessible from PC or Mobile browser URL.
  • Roblox player ID used to quickly find your player profile in game.

Let’s check out the answer in detail.

To find or get Roblox user ID, first open your profile in PC or mobile device browser. Here, your Roblox user ID is a number in your profile URL, which exist between ‘user/’ and ‘/profile’.

For example,

Suppose your profile URL is:

Here, your Roblox user ID is 123456789, which exists between ‘user/’ and ‘/profile’ (users/123456789/profile) in URL.

Now, you can send this user ID or whole profile URL to your friends, so they can quickly visit your Roblox profile.

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