Citampi Stories Fishing: Get Fishing Pole, Catch Fish, Sell Fish Guide

Beginners guide for Citampi Stories Fishing to catch fish, get a fishing pole and sell fish in Citampi Stories.

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How to get a fishing pole or rod in Citampi Stories?

Fishing pole or rod required to start fishing in Citampi Stories.

In game, fishing pole resource given by Tatang. Tatang has a shop in area 1 of the city of Citampi.

By building a relationship with Tatang, you will get a fishing pole.

Here, you need to collect relationship points by interaction. One interaction gives one relationship point, and gifts gives more relationship points.

After gaining enough points, you will get heart from Tatang. Here, the first heart gives you gloves and the second heart gives a fishing pole or rod.

How to catch fish in Citampi Stories?

  1. Go to fishing spot: You find fish spots in all areas, to catch fish go close to any fishing spot.
  2. Tap the fishing pole: Tap fishing pole icon from the upper-right corner and reel in.
  3. Catch fish: Now, you may catch the fish or random trash items.
  4. Mini game: When you catch fish, the mini game opens. Here, you try to keep fish in the bubble area. You can move a bubble by tilting your phone.
  5. Complete progress bar: Fishing bar progress, when fish is in the bubble. Once the progress bar reaches max green point, you will get the fish.

How to sell fish In Citampi Stories?

In the game, catched fish seen in the inventory at the bottom area. Inventory items are moved to the storeroom’s storage box, when inventory is full.

Fish must be in one of the inventory slots to sell.

To sell fish, visit Tatang in area 1 and tap on its shop. Next, select the sell option, choose an item to sell and sell for RP.

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Hope you find this Citampi Stories fishing guide helpful. And, also note that fish can be demanded as quest items by some NPCs.