Baxcalibur Weakness – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This guide is about Baxcalibur weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Baxcalibur is Ice Dragon Pokémon with Thermal Exchange ability. Here, you know Baxcalibur all weaknesses.

Baxcalibur Weaknesses

Baxcalibur is weak against Steel, Fairy, Rock, Fighting and Dragon moves.

To defeat Baxcalibur, avoid use of any fire-type moves and use its weakness moves – Steel, Fairy, Rock, Fighting or Dragon.

It is also important to know Baxcalibur strength with weaknesses, it helps for plan your strategy to finish Baxcalibur.

Make Baxcalibur Strength it’s weakness

This Baxcalibur Pokemon Dragon and Ice-type Pokemon with Thermal Exchange ability.

It means, Boosts the Attack stat when the Baxcalibur is hit by a Fire-type move. The Pokémon also cannot be burned.

Here, by avoiding Fire-type moves and using Pokemon weakness moves, you can increase your victory chances.

More things to know

Next, Here are some more things to know about how to defeat Baxcalibur.

This Pokemon carries Dark moves, In this case, it is good practice to be careful with Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.

Here, Fairy Type, Iron Valiant, Flutter Mane or Dachsbun are some good options. Here, you may need to trade to get the best option against the Baxcalibur.

At last,

You may not take full advantage of Baxcalibur weaknesses. But, knowledge of weaknesses and your own strengths will lead you to your victory.

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