Coin Master Booster Event

This post contains quick facts and a guide about the Coin Master Booster event. How you get Booster, How to use Booster and other Booster related things.

Things to know about the Coin Master Booster event.

  • Booster is a reward in Coin Master.
  • Coin Master Booster reward can be given from an event mission or when purchasing a package.
  • In Booster, players are granted an event, For example – Village Master, Bet Blast and more.
  • Booster event is live for a limited time, when this event granted to player, limit timer automatically start.
  • Players can not hold (stacked) a booster event, so, it is good practice to wait until current Booster event used up before collection next Booster event.

Above are quick facts and guide about the Coin Master Booster event. Hope you found this post helpful.

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