World of Tanks Weak Spots (Hit Zones Explained)

This World of Tanks weak spots guide includes common, front, side and some secret tanks weak spots, which you can make your hit zones or protect on the battlefield.

Tank common weak spots

All tanks are different in World of Tanks, but there are some common weak spots which exist in all tanks. They are,

  1. Hull machine gun hatch / driver’s visor – Front weak spot
  2. Turret cupolas / hatches – Front weak spot
  3. Lower glacis – Front weak spot
  4. Turret ring – Front weak spot
  5. Track idler & main drive sprocket – Side weak spot
  6. Tracks – Side weak spot
  7. Rear area – Rear weak spot

1. Hull machine gun hatch / driver’s visor

These are tank front weak spots, located on the top of the turret, usually on the side. The hatches are spots that crew members use to get out of the vehicle, and also as windows to look outside.

2. Turret cupolas / hatches

These are tank front weak spots, usually found on the front of the tank’s top surface, these areas are quite small and hard to hit.

3. Lower glacis

The preferred weak spot for mid-range attacks is usually bigger and easier to hit than other weak spots. It is useful when attacking vehicles that have a transmission located at the front.

4. Turret ring

This is a hard to hit weak spot, because it’s small and often situated between angled surfaces of the tank’s front and gun mantlet. Your shells may bounce off more frequently than hit the target. So, it’s better to focus on attacking other weak spots if possible.

5. Track idler & main drive sprocket

The big wheels located on both the front and back sides of the tank can be targeted to disable the opponent’s mobility.

6. Tracks

The tracks are the most visible weak spot on the sides of a tank. Damaging them enough will stop the tank, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from your allies.

7. Rear area

The back of a tank is typically less protected than other parts, so there’s a high chance of penetrating the hull regardless of where you aim. In game, you rarely find the opponent tank’s rear part to attack.

That’s it,

Hope you find the given World of Tanks weak spots list helpful for your game battle strategies.