VIP Levels and VIP Points – Solitaire Grand Harvest

This post includes Solitaire Grand Harvest VIP levels and VIP points guide. What are VIP levels, different status and How to get VIP points in game.

VIP levels Solitaire Grand Harvest

VIP levels are different levels than regular levels in Solitaire Grand Harvest. These levels unlock after some game progress and they are hard compared to normal levels.

Timber, Silver, Gold and Diamond are different VIP statuses in game. Your status upgraded to next status based on your VIP points.

There are different levels to play with each VIP status. These levels give free coins credit, VIP points and more rewards. So, these levels are also one way to get Solitaire free coins credit.

How to collect VIP points in Solitaire Grand Harvest?

VIP points are part of VIP levels, you need points to upgrade your VIP status.

In game, you can collect VIP points by playing the game, with each purchase and in the Golden Glade.

VIP points requirement for each VIP status

  1. Timber – 100 VIP points
  2. Silver – 1500 VIP points
  3. Gold – 5000 VIP points
  4. Diamond – 15000 VIP points

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