How to Tell Pumpkaboo Size? (Pokemon Go)

Small, Average, Large, and Super Size are different sizes for Pumpkaboo in Pokemon Go. Now, how to tell what size your Pumpkaboo or Gourgeist is?

This guide explains this, so you can tell your Pumpkaboo or Gourgeist size.

How to tell Pumpkaboo or Gourgeist size?

The size of a Pumpkaboo or Gourgeist can be determined by comparing the size of the catch circle to that of a standard ball (e.g., Poké Ball).

  • Small size – The ball is significantly larger than the catch circle.
  • Average size – The ball is a bit larger than the catch circle.
  • Large size – The ball is the equal size as the catch circle.
  • Super size – The ball is smaller than the catch circle.


As per one of the reddit threadYou can tell which size Pumpkaboo you’re catching by comparing it to a ball”.