Rise of Kingdoms Codes Latest 2022 (Free Redeem Gift Codes)

This post contains the Rise of Kingdoms codes list. You can redeem these gift codes to get free golden keys, speed ups, silver keys and more game rewards.

Latest Rise of Kingdoms codes

Latest codesGift items
2023xnsfssRise of Kingdom gift code. (Expire on January 31st, 2023)
sgbv6dbjxfNew code for Rise of Kingdom – Happy Holidays
cF04nHXYpk1 gold key, 3x training speed up (60 minutes), 3x healing speed up (60 minutes).
Vqac8DfWsB3x building speed up (60 Minute), 3x research speed up (60 Minute), 10x level 5 Tome of Knowledge, 3x training speed up (60 minute).
3sENgwrXUF30x silver keys.
ROKVICTORY1x golden key, 1x universal speed up (30 minute), 1x Tome of Knowledge.
ROKVIKINGS2x golden key, 2x 500 action point recovery, 2x speedup (3 hours), 5x level 6 Tome of Knowledge.

How to redeem code in Rise of Kingdoms?

Following are 4 steps to redeem code in Rise of Kingdoms game.

  1. Tap profile picture from top right corner.
  2. Go to Setting menu.
  3. Tap the redeem button.
  4. Enter 10 digit code and tap the Exchange button.

On successful code redemption, gift rewards will be added to your game account. Rise of Kingdoms redeem codes gives free golden keys, speed ups, silver keys and more game rewards.

ContentLatest Rise of Kingdoms codes
Redeem Rise of Kingdoms codesTo redeem code open the game and tap on the profile picture, tap redeem button from settings, enter code and tap exchange button.
Code gift rewardsGolden keys, speed ups, silver keys and more.