Riot Points To USD Calculator

Riot Points to USD calculator with custom exchange rate option. 1 Riot Point (RP) is worth $0.0077. Note that this calculator doesn’t include bonus Riot Point you get when you buy bulk Riot Point at a time.

Riot Points to USD Conversion Calculator

Riot Points to USD
multiply Riot Points by conversion rate, then round to 2 decimals.

1 Riot Points = USD

The converter will show you the value of Riot Points in USD or the value of USD in Riot Points.

  • To find the value of RP in USD, enter the number of Riot Points value in the “Riot Points” box.
  • To find the value of USD in RP, enter the amount of money in the “USD” box.
  • If you want to use a specific exchange rate, you can enter it in the “Set Conversion Rate” box.

Riot Points Prices in USD

  • 650 RP: $5
  • 1380 RP: $10
  • 3500 RP: $25
  • 7200 RP: $50
  • 15000 RP: $100

For additional information concerning Riot Points – you may check this wiki page.

Note: The actual USD value of RP packages and the RP to USD calculator may vary due to additional benefits received with package purchases, such as extra Riot Points.


The Riot Points to USD calculator is for informational purposes. Calculated values are not real-time market conditions and exclude bonus Riot Points. Users should verify conversion rates because rates may vary. The creators are not liable for financial decisions made based on calculated values.