Rabbids: Party of Legends Characters

Rabbids: Party of Legends is a fun and exciting game filled with a diverse range of characters. Each character brings its own unique personality and abilities to the game, making the experience engaging and entertaining.

Here is a list of all the characters you can find in Rabbids: Party of Legends.

Character List

  • Rabbid Ape
  • Rabbid Bone Queen
  • Rabbid Bull King
  • Rabbid Crystal Beast
  • Rabbid Dad Villager
  • Rabbid Dog
  • Rabbid Eik Guardian
  • Rabbid Erlang
  • Rabbid Foul Wind
  • Rabbid General Juan
  • Rabbid Girl Villager
  • Rabbid Gold-Horned Monster
  • Rabbid Great Master
  • Rabbid Great Sage
  • Rabbid Hunky Pigsy
  • Rabbid Infernal Judge
  • Rabbid Iron Fan
  • Rabbid Jade Princess
  • Rabbid Macaque
  • Rabbid Mandrill
  • Rabbid Marshal Canopy
  • Rabbid Master Monk
  • Rabbid Master Puti
  • Rabbid Master Zhen
  • Rabbid Monkey King
  • Rabbid Monkey King Dunk
  • Rabbid Monks
  • Rabbid Mum Villager
  • Rabbid Paradise Pony
  • Rabbid Pigsy
  • Rabbid Queen Mother
  • Rabbid Red Boy
  • Rabbid Red Minion
  • Rabbid Regal Bull Monster
  • Rabbid Regal Iron Fan
  • Rabbid Regal Red Monster
  • Rabbid Sandy
  • Rabbid Shark Sandy
  • Rabbid Silver-Horned Monster
  • Rabbid Soldier
  • Rabbid Stone Monkey
  • Rabbid Swag Tripitaka
  • Rabbid Tigerkin
  • Rabbid Tripitaka
  • Rabbid Yellow Brows
  • Rabbids

How Do You Select a Character in Rabbids: Party of Legends?

Choosing your character in Rabbids: Party of Legends is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the game mode you want to play.
  2. Pick your character from the list.
  3. Click OK to confirm your selection.

In Adventure Mode, you can choose a character at the start of each story chapter. Some characters may initially be greyed out and need to be unlocked before you can play as them.

Enjoy exploring the quirky and fun world of Rabbids: Party of Legends with your favorite characters.