Are There Any Active Promo Codes for Pokemon Go? (Things to Know)

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Are there any active promo codes for Pokemon Go?

No active codes at the moment!

Let’s hope more new promo codes are available soon.

Here is a list of some expired promo codes.

  • 7P4HMFU9XQVS4 (New Prime Gaming code)

Is there any Pokemon Go promo codes which never expires? 

No, There are no Pokemon Go promo codes which never expire (as per our analysis and knowledge). There are some codes which have long expiry dates, but not found any which never expired.

How to redeem Pokemon Go codes?

Code redeem process depends on your mobile device. iOS device users need to use the Niantic Offer Redemption webpage to redeem code. Android device users can enter and redeem code in the game app or redeem from redemption webpage.

Redeem from offer redemption page:

  • Open offer redemption page in browser.
  • Sign in with Pokemon Go account credentials.
  • Enter offer code and press submit.
  • Success message displayed on successful redeem process.

Redeem from game app:

  • Tap the Pokeball icon button in Map View.
  • Next, tap the shop button.
  • Now, scroll bottom, enter code and redeem code.

Can I redeem promo code in the Pokemon Go iOS app? No, redeem code from the app feature is not available for an iOS app.

How to get more Pokemon Go promo codes?

Pokemon Go released new promo codes often in different ways. And, sometimes it is quite difficult to know about new codes.

To be up to date for game news and new promo codes, following Pokemon Go official Facebook and Twitter pages is good practice.

More on this, you can also join social media game groups to know about new game related things.

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