Pirate Kings Free Spins (11 Ways to Get Free Spins)

Daily free spins link, spin wheel, island level, crab, send & get gifts, card sets, Facebook connect, invite friends and slot machine are ways to get free spin in Pirate Kings game.

Let’s check out all the ways in more detail.

Pirate Kings free spins link daily

Pirate Kings game shares free gift reward or promo code links on the game’s pages. By using these links, game users can claim free spins, coins and other game items in the game app.

How to get Pirate Kings daily free spins link?

You can get the PK game’s free spins link by following the game’s Facebook and Instagram social pages.

Pirate Kings Facebook free spins link: You will get daily new free reward links on the game’s Facebook page post. By using these links, you can claim its rewards in your game ‘INBOX’ screen.

Pirate Kings Instagram free spins link: On game’s Instagram page, reward link shared in Pirate Kings status. You can get a Instagram free spins link from game page status.

How to claim free rewards from Pirate Kings daily free spins link?

To claim rewards from Pirate Kings gift link, just visit the reward link. Next, that link page will open the game app. Now, your link reward is available in the game ‘INBOX’. From ‘INBOX’ by tapping the ‘claim’ button, you can receive free link rewards.

Note: after visiting spin link, you need to claim a reward within 24 hours, because Pirate Kings link rewards expire after 24 hours.

Daily spin wheel

Spin wheel in game gives you a chance to win free spin by spinning wheel. This wheel gives one free spin chance on a daily basis.

You can open this spin wheel by tapping the wheel icon, which is available at the bottom right corner and near the big spin button.

Complete island levels

In the game, after completing every island level, you will get free rewards. These rewards have free spins and other game items.

Crab gift

Crab full capacity gifts are divided in 5 stashes. You can tap on crab gifts and collect spin and coin rewards every 2 hour interval.

You can find this crab on the left side of your spins count bar.

Send and get gifts

In the Pirate Kings game, you can send and get gifts back from friends. By tapping the gift icon at the bottom left corner, you can open this feature screen to send gifts and claim received gifts.

Complete card set

Card sets are a cool way to get more spins and rewards in game. In this way, you need to collect cards in game and complete card sets.

Once you complete the card set, you will get spins, coins and more rewards.

Collect bar points

Bar completion by bar points gives spins, coins and other game rewards. In a game based on your spin result, you can get bar points which increase bar progress.

And, once bar progress is completed, you will get a gift which was shown on the right side of the bar.

Facebook connect

If you connect your game with a Facebook account using Facebook connect, then you will get 50 free spins as a reward in game.

This facebook connect option is available in the game setting screen.

Invite friends

Invite friends option available in the game main menu. You can invite your friends to play games with your game code.

On successful completion of invite friends request, you will get gifts in game, which includes free spins and more items.

Spin game slot machine

This simple, in this way you will get 10 and more free spins based on the game slot machine result. So, you can get free spins by simply playing the game.

Watch Video ads

If you are running out of spins, then watching video ads is also one way to get 5 free spins in the Pirate Kings game. This watch video ads option shown in the game main menu at bottom area.

That’s it,

Hope these 11 ways to get free spins in Pirate Kings game are helpful for your game playing.