Over 50 or 100 Players Can Now Raid You (Coin Master Alert)

You had seen “Over 50 players can now raid you!” or “Over 100 players can now raid you!” alert message in Coin Master game. What is this message, why it displays and what to do when this alert message displays.

In this post, you will get answers to all these questions.

What is this Raid alert in Coin Master?

Over 50 or 100 players can Raid alert message in Coin Master alerts you about your over limit coin balance and raid limit.

Alert informs you that based on your coin balance now more players can make raids on your account.

Why and when does this Raid alert display?

When you are playing a Coin Master game and your coin balance crosses some balance limit, then the limit to player raid on your account changes to 50 or 100.

And, whenever you collect more than coin limit coins, Coin Master displays “Over 100 players can now raid you!” alert message.

Here, the coin balance limit can be different based on village levels.

How to save coins from Raid when this alert displays?

Solution is simple,

When you get a Coin Master Raid limit alert message, stop spinning the spin machine and spend your coins by building village items to complete village level.

By this way, you are able to come at a coin balance level where a regular number of players can Raid on your account.

That’s it,

Hope you find this guide helpful.