NYT Mini Today Answers (Crossword answers)

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NYT Mini Crossword answers today

The following are the answers to the NYT The Mini Crossword for October 02, 2023:

“The Art of Fugue” composer

Reveal answerBACH

Jiggly dessert that was once served at Ellis Island as a “Welcome to America” gift

Reveal answerJELLO

Non-Ken doll in “Barbie”

Reveal answerALLAN

Unlike a blowout

Reveal answerCLOSE

Lock openers

Reveal answerKEYS

___ of the ball

Reveal answerBELLE

Metallic mixture

Reveal answerALLOY

Rhyming thing to pass

Reveal answerCLASS

Slowly improve

Reveal answerHONE

It’s just above 10

Reveal answerJACK

How to play the NY Times Mini Crossword game?

You can play the NY Times Mini Crossword game on a web browser (nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini) and on an Android or iOS app.

To play the NYT mini crossword game on the browser open game page (nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini) in browser and select option play game with New York Times account or without account.

To play the NYT mini crossword game on the app, open The New York Times app on your device. Go to the Play section, tap The Mini Crossword game and tap Play.

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