How to Play MY TRAIL to Get Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Rewards?

This post is about MY TRAIL feature in Solitaire Grand Harvest. You will know how to play MY TRAIL, unlock amazing rewards and Gold Tickets additional rewards.

How to Play MY TRAIL in Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Following are 3 steps to play MY TRAIL.

  1. Play Solitaire levels and complete TRAIL missions.
  2. Collect mission energy.
  3. Unlock rewards.

In My Trail feature, you will get different missions (collect stars, win levels and more).

And, you will get energy points by completing these missions. After collecting a certain amount of energy, Trail rewards are unlocked to collect.

To complete Trail missions, play Solitaire levels.

Golden Ticket

Golden ticket in Solitaire Grand Harvest gives you access to additional exclusive trail rewards.

You can get a Golden ticket free from Solitaire Grand Harvest rewards rewards or you can buy it with real money.

In the My Trail rewards tab, there are separate milestone rewards for Classic ticket and Golden ticket.

My Trail is one way to get free coins in the Solitaire game. There are more Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins credit ways also.