Match Master New Summer Updates V4.5 (July 2023)

This guide summarizes the major changes that have been made in the new summer update V4.5 of Match Master. You need to check to stay updated with Match Master features.

Match Master new summer updates (v4.5)

Change in daily mode

  • Mutation Lab is now available for PVP in the Daily Mode.
  • From now, MC Daily will be available on selected days only.
  • Some daily modes trophies rewards can be more/less.

Match Masters Lucky Box – Random Boosters

Small lucky box available for free in the Shop tab every 3 hours. Lucky Box gives free boosters. You can get Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond boosters from a lucky box.

This feature replaced all Boosters timer refills in Shop.

Match Masters Friendly Challenge

Friendly challenge allows you to challenge friends without the pressure of losing boosters and perks. In Friendly challenges mode, your Boosters and Perks are not consumed.

This mode replaces private Booster Clash, it is a fun mode without Boosters exchange. In mode, Rematch button added. You can also play with Legendary and SE Boosters without losing them.

Teams Booster request

Now, Match Masters Teams booster request changed to item request, which allows to request Boosters, Perks, On Fire and Stickers.

Change in Rumbles

  • Win limit for each Rumble (depends on size and is not a set number).
  • Limit reached message instead of Play button on Rumble wins limit reached.
  • Single-round Rumble event has its own theme.

That’s not all yet, there are more updates too, which you can check on the Match Masters update log page.