Availability of Lethal Company on Various Platforms

Can I Get Lethal Company on PS4, Xbox, Mac, PS5, Switch, Mobile, and Laptop?

Lethal Company has garnered a lot of interest, and many gamers are wondering if they can play it on their favorite devices. Here’s a clear and straightforward breakdown of its availability across different platforms.

Lethal Company Availability

Lethal Company is currently available only on PC through Steam in Early Access. It’s not cross-platform at this time.

Platform Breakdown

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

  • Availability: No
  • Details: Sorry, PS4 owners. Lethal Company is not available on PlayStation 4. It’s exclusive to PC via Steam Early Access right now.

Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

  • Availability: No
  • Details: No luck for Xbox users either. Lethal Company hasn’t made its way to any Xbox platforms. It’s a PC-only game for now.


  • Availability: No
  • Details: Mac users will have to sit this one out unless you’re adept at using virtual machines or dual-booting with Windows. Lethal Company is not available on Mac.

PlayStation 5 (PS5)

  • Availability: No
  • Details: The story is the same for PS5. Lethal Company isn’t available on PlayStation 5, sticking to its PC roots on Steam.

Nintendo Switch

  • Availability: No
  • Details: Switch fans are also out of luck. Lethal Company hasn’t been released on the Nintendo Switch. It’s haunting PCs exclusively.

Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • Availability: No
  • Details: If you’re hoping to play on your mobile device, you’ll be disappointed. Lethal Company is not available on iOS or Android. It’s strictly a PC game for now.


  • Availability: Yes
  • Details: Good news for laptop/PC users. As long as your laptop/PC meets the system requirements listed on Steam, you can play Lethal Company. Just check the specs and make sure your laptop can handle the game.


In short, Lethal Company is a PC-exclusive title available through Steam Early Access. It’s not available on PS4, PS5, Xbox, Mac, Nintendo Switch, or mobile devices. But if you have a capable laptop, you can dive into the game without any issues. Keep an eye on official updates for any changes in platform availability.