How to Increase CP in a Top War Battle Game?

Build more troops, increase your level, your heroes power and troop components are factors which help to increase CP in Top War Battle Game.

Let’s check out each CP (Combat Power) factor in detail.

Build more troops

Try to build more troops in your shipyard, barracks and air base. These troops add some amount to your CP.

Increase level

In game, increase your level and merge troops. By merging troops initially your CP goes down, but new created troops will have higher CP.


Your game heroes level, skills and perks also contribute to your overall CP. No matter, they are in use or recently unlocked.

Troop components

Components that you apply to troops also affect your CP. Merging components and increasing its level will help you to increase your CP.

That’s it,

Hope these four Combat Power factors help you to increase your CP in a Top War Battle Game.