How to Play Solitaire Grand Harvest Game? (Game Rules and Terms)

Are you a beginner player for Solitaire Grand Harvest? Here is a basic guide to play the Solitaire tripeaks game.

In this guide, you will know about Solitaire Grand Harvest game rules, pile, talon, wild card and steps to play the game.

Let’s get started,

How to play Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Main goal:

Your main goal is to remove all cards from the playing area.

Steps to play Solitaire Grand Harvest:

1. Tap card from playing area

In game, you can clear playing cards one by one by tapping them, if they are following in this order or reverse.

…3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A…and so on.

First, look at your pile card and playing area cards.

Next, tap any card in the playing area that is one higher or one lower than the card visible on the pile.

2. Tap talon for new card

If you have not found any card in the playing area which is higher or lower than the pile area card, then tap talon to set a new card on the pile.

Next, tap and move a card to the pile from the playing area that is one higher or one lower than the card visible on the pile.

Now, follow step 1 and 2, until you move all playing area cards to the pile to win.

Run out of cards in the talon

In game, if you run out of cards in the talon before clear playing area cards, you lose the game.

But, here you get two options, “+5 cards” and “End game” button.

You can get 5 additional cards in talon and try to finish the level, or tap “End game” to retry or go back to the map.

Solitaire Grand Harvest terms meaning

First, understand what is the meaning of pile, talon and playing area terms in game.


On the bottom center part of the game screen, you can see a face-up card, it is a pile in Solitaire Grand Harvest.


In the game screen, at bottom center area, you can see several overlapping face-down cards, it is talon in Solitaire Grand Harvest.

Playing area

Area above the pile and talon, where all other cards are seen, is a playing area in game.


Undo option available near the Pile area.

When you miss playing a playable card, the card will animate. And, using the Undo button, you can revert your last move and play the card you have missed.

Wild card

In game, wild card substitutes for all cards. It means, if there is a Wild card on the pile, you can play any card from the playing area.

There are more things to know about the Solitaire Grand Harvest game play, like coins credit, boosters, crops and more, but given guide is enough for basic game playing.

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