How to Get Coin Master Team Chest Keys?

When the Team Chest event was introduced in Coin Master Teams, From that time, “How to get Team Chest keys” is the question for some game users.

But, now with the new game update, it is easy to understand about Team Chest keys.

In this post, you will get details to know that from where you get Keys and how many Keys you will get by different actions.

How to collect Team Chest Keys as a team to win team chest?

You can collect Team Chest Keys by doing Attack, Raid and Perfect raid in the Coin Master game.

Number of keys for Attack and Raid are different. It depends on the Team Chest event. You can check this Team Chest detail by tapping the key icon (available at bottom bar near card request button).

Coin Master Team Chest Keys
Coin Master Team Chest Keys

How many Team Chest Keys I get from Attack and Raid?

Currently users get 2 keys for Attack, 4 keys for Raid and 5 keys for Perfect raid in Coin Master game.

What are Coin Master Team Chest Keys?

In Coin Master Team Chest, users need to collect items(Keys) by playing the game and doing Attack or Raid in game. Based on collected items by Team members, all team members get related Team Chest rewards.

It means, Keys are items which players need to collect, to win Team Chest.

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