How Many Acts Are in Slay The Spire?

Slay the Spire has three main acts, plus a bonus Act 4. Each act features its own enemies and turn-based combat. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Acts 1-3:

  • Each act has a unique dungeon map.
  • By the end of Act 3, your deck should be fully formed.
  • Act 3 is particularly challenging with enemies as tough as bosses.

Act 4:

  • To unlock Act 4, you must beat Act 3 and collect three keys.
  • Act 4 features the final boss, the corrupt heart of the Spire.
  • This act is only accessible after beating the game with all characters except the Watcher.

    Each playthrough includes Acts 1 through 3, and you must start over after defeating the Act 3 boss unless you have the keys to proceed to Act 4. Enjoy the challenge and good luck slaying the Spire.