Grand Album – Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins Credits

Grand Album collection of card sets and way to win big coins credits prizes in Solitaire Grand Harvest. This post explains what Grand Album is, how you can get free coins from it, how you get card packs and about album rewards.

What is Grand Album in Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Grand Album is Solitaire Grand Harvest is a group of card sets. Game users receive prizes for each completed card set and album prize on completing all sets.

You can open the Grand Album by tapping the cat option at the top right corner.

In the Grand Album, you can check all card sets with their status and grand prize coins amount on top.

How to get free coins from a Grand Album?

  1. Win solitaire levels and collect packs.
  2. Complete your album with the cards you’ve gained.
  3. Claim card sets and album rewards.

To get free coins credit from Grand Album and card sets, you need to collect card packs and complete card sets.

You can claim a huge prize for each card set after completing each of them. And, claim a big album prize for completing all album sets.

How to get Grand Album card packs?

You can get free card packs from game rewards and playing game levels. In game levels, you can claim a card pack after completing level.

To get cards from packs, you need to unwrap cards from packs and click the Reveal button.

Grand Album rewards

There are different card sets in the Solitaire Grand Harvest album. Each card set and album gives free coins credit as a reward.

Coins credit reward is different based on card crowns and type of set. Here, sets with more crown cards give more coins.

Crown Center in Solitaire Grand Harvest

Crown Center is a feature for duplicate cards. In Solitaire Grand Harvest, you get crowns from your duplicate cards.

You need to collect extra crowns to unlock prizes. Next, you can claim your prize from the Crown Center using your crowns.

That’s it,

Next, there are also other ways to collect free coins credit in game. You can check out Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins credit page to get daily coins gifts.