How to Get Diamonds in Legend Of Mushroom

In Legend of Mushroom, acquiring Diamonds is essential for enhancing your gameplay experience, and there are several effective methods to get Diamond in game.

To get Diamonds swiftly in Legend of Mushroom, complete daily tasks and advance through the Shroomie Pass. Utilize free gifts, redeem codes, level up characters, and finish Story Mode chapters for additional rewards. Optionally, visit the Diamond Shop for purchases.

Daily Tasks:

Firstly, prioritize completing Daily Tasks, offering a consistent source of Diamonds that refresh every 24 hours and can be completed while progressing through the story mode.

Season Tasks:

For substantial rewards, focus on completing season tasks and advancing through tiers in the Shroomie Pass, which not only offers Diamonds but also Skill Coupons and Pal Coupons.

Free Gifts:

Don’t overlook the opportunity to claim free gifts, including Lucky Wheel attempts, Limited-Time Shop packs, and AFK Rewards, providing an instant influx of Diamonds.

Level up characters:

Leveling up your characters is another lucrative method to earn Diamonds, with rewards available through the Level Fund feature.

Story Mode chapters:

Furthermore, progressing through the Story Mode chapters not only advances the narrative but also rewards you with Diamonds, Gold, Pal Coupons, and Skill Coupons.

Redeem codes:

Also, take advantage of redeem codes, easily accessible within the game, providing a straightforward way to claim Diamonds.

Diamond shop:

If you’re looking to expedite your progress or acquire Diamonds in larger quantities, consider visiting the Diamond Shop, where you can purchase Diamonds using real money.

With packages tailored to suit various budgets, the Diamond Shop offers convenience for those looking to enhance their gaming experience.

That’s all about get diamonds in Legend of Mushroom.