Dragonscapes Free Energy – Ways Explained

Energy in Dragonscapes Adventure used to remove obstacles on Island. This guide explains ways to get free energy in Dragonscapes. You can get enough energy instead of unlimited energy.

In Dragonscapes, to explore different areas on game islands, you need to remove obstacles from your ways. And, to remove obstacles, you need energy points based on obstacle size.

It means, to play the game and complete levels, you require more energy in game. There are different ways to gain free energy in Dragonscapes, they are explained here.

How do you get free energy in Dragonscapes?

You can get free energy in Dragonscapes using following ways,

1. Hourly Energy recover

Your energy recovers with some interval, you can recover 1 energy by waiting 90 seconds. It means, you get 40 energy in 1 hour. This helps a lot when you run out of energy.

2. Dragonscapes gift codes

Gift codes are freebies which are released by game developers. Codes are shared at least once in a week, which you can redeem in game and collect free rewards including energy.

3. Daily rewards

In daily rewards you can get different in-game rewards. But, you can get 3+ times free energy from daily rewards by opening a game daily.

4. Receive energy from club

In game, as a club member, you can send 10 energy and receive them from other clubmates. You can do this once a day.

5. Facebook login

Game gives 100 free energy when you first connect with Dragonscapes by Facebook login. Playing with Facebook login is a good one time option for free energy.

6. Island quests rewards

In quests, you need to perform different tasks and on completion of quests, you get different rewards. Here, some quests on every island give you free energy as a reward.

7. Decorations

Some decoration items generate free energy over time, these kinds of decorations found on event themed islands or event islands. Tap decoration items to collect generated energies.

8. Pet Dragon House

In your home island, a Pet Dragon gift and Pet Dragon slots game are things in Pet Dragon House, which gives you energy. Slots game unlocked at level 14.

9. Chests and bag items

Treasures, chests and bag items in the islands are also a source of energy. You can find and pick them up by removing obstacles.

10. Candies

In the game, there are Hard, Lollipop, Liquorice, Fudge and Caramel candies. These candies immediately give energy. You can gather resources and find energy candies.

11. Complete orders

Order board order’s are also one way to get energy. Here, by completing order board special orders or completing 10 orders will give you energy reward.

12. Complete Collections

Collections are sets of objects, which are found in bags and treasures. There are 7 collections with different rewards. By completing collections, you can get energy, gems, gold, experience, production items, chocolate and berry fruits.

13. Watch Ads

In game, you can watch rewarded video Ads to get energy as a reward. Offers panel, pop up balloons, backpacks and drones are things where you find Ads to watch.

14. Gift message

Sometimes you can receive gift messages in the game inbox(top right corner gear icon). Open message inbox from time to time for gift messages.

That’s it,

There are some small and hidden ways also to get free energy in Dragonscapes, which you can know by game playing. Hope you find free energy ways helpful.