Diablo Immortal: Change Server (Can I Transfer Character Between Servers)

In this post: How to change my game server in Diablo Immortal, Can I transfer characters between game servers. Let’s check out both questions and answers in detail.

How to change my game server in Diablo Immortal?

To transfer servers, first leave your existing game. For this, tap on the three line menu button from the top-right corner. Next, tap the Settings gear icon and in settings screen from bottom-right corner tap ‘LEAVE GAME’ button.

Now, close all pop-ups (if displayed) and go to game main screen.

Here, above the ‘Tap to Play’ option, you will get the select server option with an arrow icon. Tap this option to change your region and server.

TIP: By default your server is set based on lowest latency. Server latency is important, so try to choose a server with low latency for smooth playing experience.

Can I transfer characters between game servers?

No, You can not transfer game characters between servers – at least for now.

In the Diablo Immortal game, when you create a character, your game character is locked to a selected server.

It means, when you change your server, you need to create a new character from the beginning.

TIP: Before creating a character and continuing the game, double check your default server to make sure you are on the desired server (where your friends are already playing).