DEAD TRIGGER 2 Zombie Games FAQs

In this post, you will get detailed answers of beginners frequently asked question about DEAD TRIGGER 2 Zombie Games.

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Is the dead trigger 2 game offline?

Dead Trigger 2 is a fully online game, to play this game players require active internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi connection).

This game can be played on multiple devices and for this your game progress needs to be stored in some common place(into the game’s cloud servers). And, for this game requires an active internet connection.

Is Dead Trigger 2 a multiplayer game?

Answer is NO, Dead Trigger 2 does not support multiplayer experience.

Dead Trigger 2 is not built to provide multiplayer gameplay. This game is like one man army to survive from zombie.

Dead Trigger 2 all bosses

Bosses in Dead Trigger 2 are special zombies. These bosses mutated and have special abilities that common infected zombies do not have.

There are a total 6 bosses which includes 2 main bosses and 4 mini bosses.

  • First One (Boss)
  • Titan (Boss)
  • Rager
  • Scienfist
  • Vomitron
  • Panzer
  • Kamikaze

Best 10 weapons in Dead Trigger 2

Following is a list of some top or best 10 weapons in Dead Trigger 2.

  1. Knife Gloves (Boxing Gloves, Knife)
  2. Lead Pipe
  3. Plate Launcher (Cement Saw, Stack of Plates)
  4. Super B.F.G (Blast Frequency Gun, Amplifier)
  5. Moosehead or Bull-Skull or Burning-Skull (Bull Skull, Motor Oil)
  6. Bowie or Chef knife
  7. Flamethrower
  8. Queen
  9. Six Shooter
  10. Spiked Bat (Baseball Bat, Box of Nails)

More on this, you can also include Defiler, Spiked Bat and Laser Eyes weapons in this list.

Note: given list may not be a perfect list for some players, because every player has different fighting style and there own reliable weapons.

How many levels are in Dead Trigger 2?

Dead Trigger 2 game is played out through a campaigns series and campaign missions. There are a total 44 missions divided in 5 campaigns.

USA Campaign

Missions: Encounter, Six Feet Under, Great Escape, Tools of the Trade, Wrenched Out, Our House and Science Is Fun.

Africa Campaign

Missions: Fresh Air, Anybody Home?, The Big Restoration, Got Your Six, Into The Well, Water Before Gold, Scientific Peek, The Fixer, Blow Out and Terror From the Deep.

China Campaign

Missions: Hi Shanghai!, Office Rat, Break-In, Great Escape (China), Sniffer, The Bait, Can’t Touch This, Showdown, Deadly & Healthy and Autopsy.

Europe Campaign

Missions: Enjoy Your Stay, What Lies Beneath, Rush Hour, Uninvited Guest, Crate Diggin’, After Party, Suburban Ride, Revelations and Dirty Business.

South America Campaign

Missions: Like an Eagle, We are the Resistance, Bird in the Sky, Isotope in the house, Dancing in the radiation, Slum Rhapsody, Sweeping the Walkers and Black Coats can’t swim.