Da Hood Roblox Controls For PC, Xbox and Mobile

Here you will know about Da Hood Roblox (sprint, crouch, carry, stomp, block, attack, move & other action) commands for PC keyboard, Xbox and mobile.

Let’s get started,

Da Hood Roblox controls for PC

Following are PC commands or controls for Da Hood Roblox actions.

  • G for carry.
  • F for block.
  • Left SHIFT for sprint.
  • Left CTRL for crouch.
  • Esc for open settings.
  • Mouse left click for attack.
  • . (point) for emote selection.
  • Number 1,2,3,4,5… for select items.
  • I-O or mouse wheel for zoom in and out.
  • Left SHIFT + G for Crouch + Carry to ragdoll thrown.
  • W, A, S, D for Move around (forward, left, back and right).

Da Hood Roblox controls for Xbox

Following are Xbox commands or controls for Da Hood Roblox actions.

  • X for reload.
  • Y for block.
  • B for crouch.
  • Left Trigger for aim.
  • Directional Pad Up for carry.
  • Left Thumbstick Hold for run.
  • Directional Pad Down for stomp.
  • Right Trigger for use item or shoot.
  • B + Directional Pad Up for crouch + carry to ragdoll thrown.

Da Hood Roblox controls for mobile

There are built-in controls for mobile and laptops.

For mobile you need to tap the shoot button below and track with your thumb. And, put the weapon away to stop.

That’s it,

Hope this Da Hood Roblox control command list is helpful for you. Next, you can practice related device controls to get good command over it.