Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins by Crop Harvesting

Harvest crop in Solitaire Grand Harvest is an amazing feature to get free coins credit every hour. Here you will know about the SGH game crop harvest feature.

Get Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins credit by crop harvest

In the Solitaire Grand Harvest game, different crops are unlocked with level upgrades. And, you can harvest these crops every hour and get a harvest bonus.

To harvest crops in Solitaire Grand Harvest, tap the “Harvest Now” button from the bottom right corner. This button activates every hour and shows the next harvest count down otherwise.

Harvest bonus includes 2500+ free coins credit. Free coin amount depends on crop levels. Higher level crop harvest gives more coins.

Early harvest booster

Early harvest booster allows you to harvest crops earlier before complete hourly count down.

You can get this harvest booster from different game rewards and from Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins credit links. You can also get daily free coins from these links.

What is the harvest crop in Solitaire Grand Harvest?

For different Solitaire Grand Harvest game levels, different crops(Crop And Level) are unlocked.

In game, these crops are grown and users can harvest these crops every hour to get free coins. The more higher level crops, the more free coins user get from crop harvest.

That’s it,

Hope you find this crop harvest way useful to get some extra coins in game.