How to Change Your Name in Star Wars: Hunters

Changing your name in Star Wars: Hunters is easy. Follow these steps for a quick update:

  1. Access Your Profile: Tap your Avatar in the upper left-hand corner of the Home Screen.
  2. Open Username Settings: Tap on your Username.
  3. Edit Your Username: On the profile page, tap the Pencil button.
  4. Set Your New Name: Enter your preferred Username, then tap Accept.
  5. Confirm: Your new Username will now be displayed in the game.

Important Note: You can only change your name once every 7 days.

Username Restrictions:

  • Usernames can include letters, numbers, and these symbols: _, -, =, +
  • You can only change your username once every seven days.

Star Wars: Hunters Change Username

For those who prefer a bit more detail, here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

1. Access Your Profile

To access your profile, look at the upper left-hand corner of the Home Screen and tap your Avatar. This will bring up your Player Information.

2. Open Username Settings

Once in your profile, locate your current Username and tap on it. You will be taken to your profile page.

3. Edit Your Username

On the profile page, you will see a Pencil button next to your Username. Tap the Pencil button to edit your Username.

4. Set Your New Name

A text box will appear where you can enter your new preferred Username. Ensure your new Username follows the guidelines: use only letters, numbers, and the symbols _, -, =, +.

5. Confirm

After entering your new Username, tap Accept. Your new Username will now be displayed in the game.

Remember: The ability to change your Username is limited to once every seven days, so choose wisely!

By following these simple steps, you can easily update your Username in Star Wars: Hunters and continue your adventure with a new username.