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How to Get Free Gems and Passes on Episode? (List of Ways)

This guide provides a list of ways to obtain free gems and passes in the Episode – Choose Your Story game. In the game, the primary method to acquire gems or passes is to purchase them. However, there are also free ways to obtain them.

Minecraft Brewing Stand (Guide and FAQs)

This guide provides information about the Brewing Stand in Minecraft, including frequently asked questions such as what it is, how to get it, how to craft it, and more.

Minecraft Brewing Room (Things to Know)

This guide is all about the Minecraft brewing room, potion room or brewing station design guide. Here, you find different ideas and suggestions to build your brewing room.

Minecraft Brewing Equipment

This guide provides information on the brewing equipment required to make potions in Minecraft: the Brewing Stand, Cauldron, Water, Blaze Powder, and Water Bottle.

Minecraft Brewing Ingredients (Base, Effect)

This guide provides information about Minecraft Brewing base and effect ingredients, which are used to brew potions in Minecraft. It lists all of the ingredients, their modifier effects, and the effects that occur when they are corrupted.