Who is The Best Character in Star Wars Hunters and Why

Skora is the best character in Star Wars: Hunters. Her unparalleled healing abilities, strategic prowess, and versatile Dart Gun make her a crucial asset for any team. Additionally, her unpredictable and fun-loving persona adds an exciting dynamic to gameplay.

The Best Character in Star Wars: Hunters – Skora

Skora is the standout character in Star Wars: Hunters for several important reasons:

Great at Healing: Skora can heal herself and her teammates using her Stim Dart. This keeps everyone healthy and in the fight longer.

Smart Tactics: Skora was a medic for the Hutt Cartel, so she knows how to help her team. She can boost her teammates’ abilities and use poisons to slow down enemies.

Flexible Weapon: Skora’s Dart Gun not only heals allies but can also hurt enemies, which makes her useful from a distance.

Fun and Surprising: Skora is known for her love of pranks and explosions, which adds excitement to the game and keeps opponents guessing.

Helps the Whole Team: As a support character, Skora makes sure the team works well together. She makes battles easier and increases the chance of winning.

In short, Skora is the best choice in “Star Wars: Hunters” because she heals well, uses smart tactics, has a versatile weapon, adds fun to the game, and helps the team succeed.