Age of Empires Mobile Heroes Tier List: Best Warriors, Marshals, and Tacticians

Age of Empires Mobile is an exciting strategy game by Level Infinite that takes you into ancient civilizations, epic battles, and conquests. To succeed, you need a strong lineup of heroes. This Age of Empires Mobile Hero Tier List will help you understand the different heroes and build a successful team for battles.

Heroes are organized into three tiers:

  • S Tier (Strong)
  • A Tier (Good)
  • B Tier (Average)

This ranking helps you understand each hero’s strengths and build a powerful team. Remember, these rankings are based on our experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to fit your playstyle.

Age of Empires Mobile Tier List
Tips for Building Your Hero Lineup
Best Heroes
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Age of Empires Mobile: Heroes Tier List

S Tier Heroes

Heroes in this tier are game-changers. They possess powerful abilities and excel in various aspects of the game, making them invaluable in battles.

  • Warriors: Leonidas I, Hua Mulan, Joan of Arc, Josephine, Darius the Great, King David, Harald III, Rani Durgavati, Frederick Barbarossa
  • Marshals: Cid, Khalid, Queen of Sheba
  • Tacticians: Sun Tzu, Theodora, Philip IV, Justinian the Great, Hannibal

A Tier Heroes

These heroes are strong and reliable, but might not have the same impact as the top-tier ones. They are still very useful and can hold their own in most battles.

  • Warriors: Attila the Hun, Miyamoto Musashi, Hammurabi, Constantine the Great, Richard I,  Guan Yu, King Arthur
  • Marshals: Octavian, Julius Caesar
  • Tacticians: Yi Sun-Shin, Queen Seondeok, Suleiman I, Cleopatra VII

B Tier Heroes

Heroes in this tier are decent but may not perform as well as those in higher tiers. They can still be useful, especially in the early stages of the game or in specific scenarios.

  • Warriors: Kaso, Wu Wei, Cui Ruyi, Gao Meng, Narses
  • Marshals: Axel, Leon, Li Daoxun, Thanius, Leo, Luki
  • Tacticians: Baldassi, Gatos, Clyde, Nino, Yuan Xia

Tips for Building Your Hero Lineup

Building an effective hero lineup in Age of Empires Mobile is key to your success. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your heroes:

Balance Your Team

Ensure your team has a good mix of Warriors, Marshals, and Tacticians. Each type of hero brings unique strengths to the battlefield:

  • Warriors excel in direct combat and can take on frontline roles.
  • Marshals provide strategic support and can boost the overall effectiveness of your army.
  • Tacticians use their skills to outmaneuver enemies and provide critical support during battles.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Invest in upgrading your heroes to enhance their abilities and stats. Prioritize upgrading your S-tier heroes first, as they offer the most significant benefits in battles.

Utilize Hero Synergies

Some heroes work exceptionally well together, providing bonuses that can turn the tide of battle. Experiment with different combinations to find synergies that boost your team’s performance.

Best Heroes in Age of Empires Mobile

Leonidas I – Best Warrior Hero

Leonidas I stands out due to his powerful skills:

  • Vigilance: Immediate counterattacks with significant damage.
  • Unyielding Soul: Enhances counterattack damage as troops decrease.
  • Firm Strike: Damages multiple enemy troops.

Leonidas I is a must-have for beginners aiming to win battles.

Cid – Best Marshal Hero

Cid’s versatile skills make him invaluable:

  • Infuriation: Deals damage and boosts might.
  • Armor Piercer: Reduces enemy armor.
  • Patriotism: Extra damage to slowed enemies.
  • Anthem of the Knight: Slows enemies, reduces their healing, and decreases damage taken.

Cid excels in battles against both barbarians and other players.

Sun Tzu – Best Tactician Hero

Sun Tzu’s strategic skills are crucial:

  • Boulder Trap: Damages enemies after a charging phase.
  • Deception: Inflicts strategy damage.
  • The Way of War: Extends the Ultimate Strategist state for sustained damage.
  • Strategy Cuts Deeper: Enhances dominance by dealing damage and granting the Ultimate Strategist state.

Sun Tzu is essential for strategic gameplay.

At Last,

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these heroes, you can build a team that excels in battles. Don’t forget to experiment and find the combination that works best for your playstyle.

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